I’m Herman Stewart, a businessman, mentor, author, speaker, podcast host and much more.

I’m an ambassador and champion for mentoring everywhere.

My approach – which has raised the aspirations and attainment levels of children & young people across the country – is now being used to inspire adults, businesses, leaders and organisations.

I’ve been a mentor for more than 25 years.

I run my own business, I’m the Chair of Governors of an outstanding Academy, the West Midlands Chair for Positive Transformation Initiative.

I’m a regular speaker to groups as diverse as Cambridge University, leadership conferences and government.

Herman is an inspiration to young and old. His authenticity and pragmatic approach are just two of the reasons why it is a pleasure to work with him. Creative, insightful, professional and pragmatic. Herman is a man of integrity that has earned the respect of his clients, mentees and colleagues.

Marcellus Lindsay, Senior Project Manager at Smith & Nephew, Inc.

Herman is a man of depth, passion and commitment. His style is creative and dynamic, he has an ability to engage with people at any level and cultivate change and results where needed. Herman’s knowledge around mentoring and coaching is definitely worth tapping into – he’s an expert!

Melissa Shervington, Award Winning Professional Speaker; Business Mentor & Trainer

He is a very passionate figure who instantly feels genuine and approachable, yet is determined to challenge mind-sets, inspiring everyone in the room to think about their own ‘game plan’, including young people, adults and professionals.

Greg Haines, Support Manager at Shaw Trust

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The Finding Your Path Podcast is a place where people can gain insight into how many achievers have succeeded to find their paths in their careers, life and relationships.

Success is rarely straight forward and by having open conversations with guests who share the process behind their journey’s, listeners learn the unsaid truths that many people had to navigate when finding their paths.

Success is truly found when we experience and learn from failure and learning from the mistakes others have made. So Finding Your Path is to help people to achieve their success by learning from others.

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Herman is simply extraordinary. He uses his insight and empathy to create and deliver life changing mentoring programmes. His wisdom impacts teachers, parents and anyone working with him or attending his training courses. He is a motivational and hugely entertaining speaker. It’s easy to imagine him rapping on MTV (which he did in a previous life). It’s less easy to imagine him playing football for the Great Britain youth team, but he’s done that as well. As well as his qualities as a leader and mentor he is always a pleasure to be with and I count him a loyal and supportive friend.

Mike Harris, creator of IconicShift mentoring. Founder of Firstdirect and Egg. Ex CEO Mercury

Herman is a passionate individual, who genuinely cares about the people he supports. He brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and proven methodologies that create impact in the lives of young people. He also offers companies a high level of strategic support, guidance and advice to help the organisation achieve sustainable social impact in regards to effective mentoring, both for employees and beneficiaries.

Joel Blake OBE, Diversity and Board Advisory I Founder, GFA Exchange & The Cludean Group.

Herman presented at our recent awards evening. His open, honest and heartfelt speech was both motivational and thought provoking. He made a connection with our pupils and parents alike. His sincerity was further exemplified by how eagerly he engaged with people after the event. I would whole heartedly recommend Herman to work with your organisation and look forward to working with him again in the near future.

Chay Davis, Headteacher

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